3500 calories equals?

The first question we ask ourselves when losing weight might be does 3500cals equal 1lb of FAT, and therefore how long will it take to lose and what should we be doing to lose it?

Being a Personal Trainer it has struck me on many a occasions that I personally are able to maintain my weight and shape by consuming various amounts of Carbs, Proteins or Fats during a standard week which may also involve my workouts.

So should our individual BMR be uses when we want to lose weight so by consuming the suggested amounts of calories for our body type ie height and weight, will our bodies therefore have this amazing process by which it will use these calories in the right areas of the body and so we won’t need to keep chasing a calorie deficit.

A calorie deficit can be summed up like wanting to cross the states by car but only filling up with a small amount of fuel and driving at an economical pace to get as far as possible.

Which is like us when we diet, we consume less but force ourselves to workout more.