Welcome to Fhi

My mission is to improve the Health, Fitness & Ultimately the Lives of everyone I have the pleasure of training. To better myself as a person in the field of Fitness & Personal Training, growing my business by offering quality training, value for money with an unprecedented customer service.

Personal Training

When you choose Personal Training by FHI you are investing in an organization you can trust to deliver a quality service, innovation and value for money.

Established in 2006 FHI offers a range of packages from one-2-one, group training sessions, classes, providing Nutritional advice, Sports Massage & Running advise.

If you’re feeling overweight or unfit, a Personal Trainer can help you make the change to a healthier and happier lifestyle. As a Personal Trainer, I can create for you the perfect program designed to cater for your needs, aims and goals in order to produce the best results. In the comfort of your own home or local park to a work-out at Tasis Fitness Center, a Personal Trainer is an easy alternative to the Gym and ideal for those who are new or returning to fitness.

I can assist clients of all levels of fitness and in many different areas of fitness including weigh loss and body fat reduction, muscular strength and endurance training, cardio-vascular training and muscle toning and building, all under the banner of Body Transformation. Whether your goal is to lose weight, change your body shape, improve your strength, recover from injury, maintain your health, improve your flexibility or mobility or generally feel more energised, I will work with you every step of the way to achieve your goals.


Nutrition advice and information can help to you achieve and maintain maximum health possible. The human body requires energy to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It must have the ability to repair itself through adequate vitamins and nutrients and is essential in effective training outcomes. Nutrition advice can identify barriers that are preventing you from achieving your short and long term goals, agree to achieve healthy eating.

Try many of my different recipes and work-out plans for a better you.

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